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We have developed a system for Sales Acceleration. It is designed to scale sales teams with predictable growth. We deliver our services over time and not through events while using the “Results Cycle” which allows sales results to be sustainable and protect ROI for clients. It has never been easier to deliver sales acceleration through our technology.

Owen Van Syckle is the Founder of The Van Syckle Group a sales acceleration firm. The systems and processes they provide combine modification in behaviors and improvements in attitudes to achieve maximum results for sales through training and coaching. Owen has facilitated training and coaching programs for the last 23 years, designed to foster learning. They provide sales instruction and support that is transformational to overall business growth. Their processes and systems are very comprehensive in assessing, hiring, training, coaching, measuring and retaining high performance sales teams. 


Prior to starting his own companies, Owen worked as a General Manager/International Director of Sales and Marketing at a regional textile company that went from start-up to 52 million in 6 years.

Owen has whole-heartedly committed since 2001 to helping clients accelerate growth in their businesses. He is a seasoned sales expert and entrepreneur who helps organizations accelerate sales.


Owen enjoys spending any down time with his family, BBQing and playing soccer.

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